O’Brien’s Talho

O’Brien’s Talho is a butcher shop located in Lisbon that offers high quality cuts of meat and produce to both Portuguese and expat communities. By combining overseas and local expertise, the talho provides a unique experience by using innovative flavors to elevate premium British meat.

Brand Design

Brief: Create a brand identity that leans away from the more masculine associations commonly tied to butchers. The team at O’Brien’s wanted to reimagine a butcher-shop to appeal to a wider audience, namely families, whilst still paying an homage to aspects of traditional British craft.

Solution: Design the brand's image in warm earthy tones. Whilst the title type is open, airy, and a touch modern, it’s counterpart is another serif font that’s reminiscent of painted letters on shopfronts of traditional British butchers. The illustrations bring in a more playful element; the Squiggly Pig is the memorable and lovable center of the brand identity.