Core is a sexual enlightenment zine that crosses varying personal experiences with inclusive sex education. The aim of this publication is to provide comprehensive and inclusive sex education composed by member of the community for members of the community. I believe there is a need to support the ongoing curiosity about our bodies and sexual selves as we age and change. Ideally, many issues of CORE would be produced, the content led by different people so a wide range of perspectives can be shared. I created and designed the publication for an editorial design class.

Editorial Design

Brief: Design a collection of editorial spreads, using found content, to form a publication. Provide access points and hierachy appropriate to the content.

Solution: The publication is intended to be printed on newsprint for accessibility, whilst the type choices reflect both the ancient and outdated nature of our current sex education system and the contrasting influence of the digital age on access to information. The content varies from more dense essay writing to art and light visual pieces.